TMVA GUI in JupyROOT in Windows?

Please help… TMVA feels very reduced if we can’t run the GUI. :slight_smile:

When I run


I get this:

— Launch TMVA GUI to view input file: test.root
=== Note: inactive buttons indicate classifiers that were not trained, ===
=== or functionalities that were not invoked during the training ===

and nothing else happens.
I also try running %jsroot on first, same result.

Additionally, I wonder if this is related to not being able to open a TBrowser. a = ROOT.TBrowser() gives the warning “Warning in TBrowser::TBrowser: The ROOT browser cannot run in batch mode” and again nothing else happens. Am I missing something about opening GUIs?

Python 3.6.5
Jupyter 4.4.0
ROOT 6.26/06

FYI, there is no GUI in JupyROOT

:sob: :cry: Of course, in hindsight, I should have thought so.

Does this mean that we can plot what is contained in the TMVAGUI only by directly calling the functions listed here?

I guess so, maybe @moneta can give more details


Yes you can call the GUI function directly. I have some example to do this in these notebooks:




By the way, I had a question about the second example: The list of canvases that I get has only one canvas. Is this expected? (The example seems to imply otherwise.)

In that example, you should get one Canvas for every TMVA method that has been trained. If you are using a single method then it is expected to have only one Canvas.


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