TMVA define train and test samples from differente files

Hi all,

I have a problem with TMVA and I tried to use the search but, apparently, I did not find anything.

I need to select the train and test events for signal and background from different files; I mean I have 1 file for Train Signal, 1 for Test Signal, 1 for Train Bkg and 1 for Test Bkg.

Is it possible to do it? Because until now I always used 1 file for Signal and 1 for Bkg, and from these 2 files I took the events for Train and Test.

I am using TMVA 4.1.0 with root 5.28/00e

Thank you very much

Hi all,

I want to specify my problem.
From the TMVA user guide, I read:

[quote]The input events that are handed to the Factory are internally copied and split into one training and
one test ROOT tree.

Can I force this part using a cut or some other thing?
I would like to have the test and training samples with same particular characteristics.

Thank you

Hi all,

I found the solution to my problem.
If also some other people has the same problems the solution is in the file:


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