TMVA compilation in root version 5.34/05 failing

TMVA compilation in root version 5.34/05 is failing. The error log is attached. Can we understand the problem?

Apart from it, there is another query. Without TMVA compilation in root, I am still able to carry out the classification, as described:
/TMVA/test> root -l TMVAClassification.C(“LD,Likelihood”)

It appears that classification does not need tmva compilation. Why it is so?

tmva-log.dat (305 KB)

Hi Mradul,

well, in the standard ROOT distribution, you already get a TMVA version included. Therefor, you can use
the TMVA classification w/o an explicit own complilation of TMVA.

You’ve done something wrong when trying to compiling and using your OWN TMVA version rather than the one supplied with the ROOT distribution, as the compilation error is basically that you’ve got everying dublicated:

Building shared library lib/ … obj/TMVA_Dict1.o: In function TMVA::Configurable::Class_Name()': /usr/local/root/tmva/src/TMVA_Dict1.C:954: multiple definition ofTMVA::Configurable::Class_Name()'

Now, I don’t know HOW you’ve done the compilation, but the recommende procedure would be:
using the latest TMVA from the ROOT svn repository:

~>svn co ~/YOURTMVADIR
~/YOURTMVADIR> cd test
~/YOURTMVADIR/test> source ~/YOURTMVADIR # for c-shell family: source setup.csh

it should pick up all the
tmva libraries and macros from ~/YOURTMVADIR