TMVA compilation failed with root

Dear expert,

please send me to the right forum if it is not the good one to ask this question:
I have root 6.00/00 and download TMVA-v4.2.0. Then in TMVA-v4.2.0 I did “make”, but the compilation failed with the error message [1]. echo $PATH gave me [2] and echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH gave me [3]. Do you see what is wrong?



see logmake file in cc
logmake.txt (9.09 KB)


tmva is built as part of ROOT, so you should not build as a standalone package. This is currently not supported with the new version



Dear Lorentzo,

ok, thank you for your answer. But I still do not understand why I do not see any tmva directory when I do “l $ROOTSYS/tmva/”?
But I can use root so it means that root is setup properly right?


It depends how you install Root. You can check if the library ROOTSYS/lib/ exists