TMVA classifier to tree adder from commandline

The idea is that many usages of the TMVA Reader boil down to adding a branch to an existing ntuple. This comes with a perceived overhead to the user that all input variables need to be declared “again” (after they were already defined in the training of the classifiers). Eventually, TMVA checks if the right variables have been added by means of what’s stored in the xml file. Instead of verifying that the user defined the right variables, one can as well just read the variables from the xml file and set up the reader.

The usage comes with as little human input as possible


The tool is at the moment a proof of principle and available here:

Thank you very much for the tool. It seems to be something useful. We are in the process of improving TMVA and adding new functionality, we could consider integrating your tool,



A feedback from a dummy user, it is super useful, I have just implemented it in my work flow and it works out of the box.