TMVA Booking Error

Hi all,

When I try to run my code in TMVA, it says “— Factory : No analysis type for 1 classes and 0 regression targets.” I checked the Factory.cxx source code and the error points me to line 706~718. I’ve checked my code (factory.BookMethod(TMVA::Types::kBDT, “BDTG”, opts):wink: and I believe I did the required input. Please help. Thanks!



Could you append a runnable example?

It seems you have provided only a Signal class or a Background class, not both. Please check tutorials/tmva/TMVAClassification.C, lines 232 and 233 in particular.

dataloader->AddSignalTree    ( signalTree,     signalWeight );
dataloader->AddBackgroundTree( background, backgroundWeight );

You need to provide both to give the classifier something to train on. If this does not solve your problem, don’t hesitate to let me know.


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