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TMVA BDT segmentation violation after "Ranking input variables (method unspecific)..."


I am running into a strange error when trying to run my BDT classifier. I am completely unsure of the cause. The method seems to work perfectly until reaching the point of
" : Ranking input variables (method unspecific)…
Factory : Train method: BDT for Classification"

There is also an interesting thing that happens where if i use larger files for the input, the segmentation violation occurs after preparing the gaussian transform instead. This made me think the error was related to RAM usage, however the files i am using only 3.8 and 3.5 mbs for the signal/background root files.

Please find attached the code error code. IF this provides no information on what is happening i could also provide the code, although it is rather long so i will need to cut it down to only the relevent portions.

Thanks in advance!

I would need your macro and your data file to reproduce your problem, with the screen shot I cannot understand what exactly is the cause of the crash



I actually was able to find what was causing this error. If i put a path to and the desired folder name instead of just the folder name for my TMVA::DataLoader, (highlighted as “inputs.ResultsFolder” below) Then i got the segmentation fault.

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 5.18.50 PM

Would you know if this is a known characteristic? Perhaps i was doing something wrong and shortening my folder name to simply being in the working directory inadvertently solved a typo or something? ( although i was getting no “invalid path / folder” messaging)