TMultiLayerPerseptron class: example?

I am new to this forums so i hope this is the right section to post in: I am having trouble with several aspects of the class TMultiLayerPerseptron (The neural network) class. Beside The documentation provided on this website, does any one know of some example source code that utilizes this class? Maybe a website or if someone could email their own to me that would be great too.
John T.

see tutorial mlpHiggs.C


Any other examples?

Hi John,

there’s also tutorials/mlpRegression.C (but you probably spotted that already), and you could simply search the web for TMultiLayerPerceptron - there are plenty of code examples. If that doesn’t help you might have to tell us what exactly you are looking for - so we can document it.

Cheers, Axel.

Thanks thats exactly what i was looking for.