TMultiLayerPerceptron documentation?


I am trying to find a proper documentation of the TMultiLayerPerceptron class in root. I know it is a old implementation and one should probably use TMVA. But since I have TMultiLayerPerceptron working and limited time dont want to waste time change over to TMVA for the same results, plus I had problems with the program not being installed properly. I am not a programmer so reading the reference documentation is quit painful and it dose not explain sum stuff like the: Description of different learning methods, what the output error is measured in (percentage?) or what some plots in the TMLPAnalyzer mean.

I have done initial searches, but all the links found is old and not working. Any one know about the documentation of the TMultiLayerPerceptron? Or should I make the change to TMVA?

Thanks in advance.


you can refer to … ptron.html .
If you found broken links, you are welcome to transmit them to us.