TMultilayerPerceptron Crash When Start Training

Sorry for the double post,
in (Discussion) I already posted it…

Can anyone else please check if the bug occurs also for him?
Also the Debglevel5 and valgrind give me not more information on where the problem could lie.

By the way: writing the tree and using the NN methods of TMVA is working fine. So I guess its either a problem of the TTree or TMultilayerPerceptron class.

Thanks a lot.


you have an error in the string specifying the input for the MPL. You have a “:” instead of a “,” between “@falpha” and “@fnmax”.
It should be

TMultiLayerPerceptron *mlp =  new TMultiLayerPerceptron("@fnseg,@fC1,@fa1,@falpha,@fnmax:6:5:@fEnergy","fnmax",ANNTree,"Entry$%2","(Entry$+1)%2");


Thanks a lot!!!
Just that kind of simple typo! Works now!
Thanks again


Case Closed.