TMultiGraph logY axis

Hello, I am trying an alternative way of plotting my histograms. Previously I would just do histo->Draw(“SAME”), but my histograms varies by ~10 orders of magnitude, as a result it only zooms to view the first histogram I drew in this way. I have read that by using TMultigraph, all the histograms together will be treated as one object, and it will ensure that all my points will fit inside the TFrame (?).

So far, so good, but when I set log axis, it doesn’t seem to handle empty bins gracefully, when I go rightclick->SetLogY, I see the following error:

It seems very strange to me that a log option plot can’t handle bins with zero entries. Is there a work around for this? I should mention that there is no problem with log axis when using simple histogram->Draw(“SAME”)…

For histograms, you should use a “THStack” and then draw it using the “NOSTACK” option.

Yes, this worked perfectly thank you.