TMinuit with more than 15 parameters


I am trying to run Minuit with 30 free parameters, however only 15 parameters are changed in the process (the others stay with the initial value, error = 1.41421e+00 and step -0.00000e+00).

I have already seen this post More than 25 parameters in Minuit, but it didn’t work for me. My code is based in the example (using TMinuit class): … fit.C.html.

I have obtained results with Minuit without problems when the fit has less than 15 parameters.

Is this a limitation of Minuit? If it is not, how can I properly use Minuit with more than 15 parameters?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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Just for the record, I found the problem.

I’ve made a mistake in my code and after I corrected it, the Minuit worked fine.

It was a mistake when passing the parameters values in auxiliary variables to write the parametrization. :blush:

So, the code following the example available using TMinuit (or using TVirtualFitter) worked just fine.

Anyway, thanks for the attention.

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