TMC changes between 6.20.02 and 6.20.08?

Hi! Did anything get changed w.r.t TMC between 6.20.02 and 6.20.08?
I try to compile the ALICE software on gcc 10.2.1 (fedora 32) and while the upstream ROOT 6.20.08 compiles successfully AliROOT throws:

grep error log
-- Treating warnings as errors under /home/physics-tools/alicebuild/sw/SOURCES/AliRoot/2a6978d3b5/0/RAW
/home/physics-tools/alicebuild/sw/SOURCES/AliRoot/2a6978d3b5/0/STEER/STEER/AliGenerator.h:17:10: fatal error: 'TMCProcess.h' file not found
/home/physics-tools/alicebuild/sw/SOURCES/AliRoot/2a6978d3b5/0/STEER/STEERBase/AliStack.h:21:10: fatal error: 'TVirtualMCStack.h' file not found
/home/physics-tools/alicebuild/sw/SOURCES/AliRoot/2a6978d3b5/0/STEER/STEERBase/AliStack.h:21:10: fatal error: TVirtualMCStack.h: No such file or directory

for reference the exact AliRoot log can be found here:
the reason that i ask this here is that on gcc 9.3.1 where the alice root compiles succesfully the same AliRoot version also compiles succesfully

Hello adrian_sev,

It seems that the montecarlo/vmc/inc/ directory is not on the header search path of the compiler. I am inviting @moneta; he may give you a more detailed answer.


I think @ivana is maintaining the VMC package in ROOT and should know the answer

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