TMatrixD, etc

Hi Rooters,

It seems that TMatrixD and some other matrix classes are dissapeared (substituted?) starting from some version of root5. Doed it correct?
In any case is is not a minor modification and should be stressed in the development notes possibly with the recommendations how to migrate to the substitutio classes.

Valeri Tioukov

Hi valeri,

see the Verion5.10 Release Notes


Sorry Rene, but in
I did not find any notes about TMatrixD or TMatrix. The same is valid for


Well, I found it in
Hmm - will it be back compatible also for IO? If I saved TMatrixD in the tree by the old version would it be readable by new one?


Hi Valeri,

Yes, I/O should be back compatible. There are no changes for data members.