TMatrix & TMinuit [solved]


Isn’t there any way to get the error matrix of a TMinuit fit in TMatrix type ? It seems odd to me… Or is it a function to transform an array into a TMatrix otherwise than copying values one by one ?




TMatrixDSym(Int_t nrows, const Double_t* data, Option_t* option)
TMatrixDSym(Int_t row_lwb, Int_t row_upb, const Double_t* data, Option_t* option)
TMatrixDSym& Use(Int_t nrows, Double_t* data)
TMatrixDSym& Use(Int_t row_lwb, Int_t row_upb, Double_t* data)
TMatrixDBase& SetMatrixArray(const Double_t *data,Option_t *option)


Thanks Eddy.

In fact it is possible to extract the matrix error in TMatrix format, the problem was just that I badly declared my TMatrix… For me that’s ok now, but I it is quite difficult to find clear information about TMatrices and TVectors. I think a tutorial about them should be welcome.