TLorentzVector fails with ROOT 4.04


I’m having a problem #including the TLorentzVector class. A brief example that elicits the problem:

#include <TLorentzVector.h>

void Test()
  TLorentzVector *V;
  V = new TLorentzVector(1.,1.,1.,1.);

If I try Test.c++ at the ROOT command line, I receive the following error: undefined symbol: _ZN14TLorentzVectorC1Edddd. It appears as if there is some problem locating the functions defined in the TLorentzVector class?

I’m running ROOT 4.04 with CINT 5.15.169; this installation of ROOT is on a larger facility computer system, so I don’t have control over updates or how the program was installed. Are there any workarounds for this issue, or is it a simple mistake on my part?

Thanks very much,

in this old version of ROOT you still have to load libPhysics by hand before invoking ACLiC. Call gSystem->Load(“libPhysics”) before .L Test.c++.