TLatex support for Drop-Down-Menu Objects


I am working on a root based GUI. I need to have a ComboBox/LisBox that
allows the user to choose a particular particle interaction. The
interactions have to be written in Latex otherwise the entries get far too
long. From my reading of the Class Index, TGComboBox and TGListBox do not
support TLatex. Is there a way to get around this?

If these objects don’t support TLatex, are there other GUI objects that
support Latex and will be useful for my stated purpose?

I am using Root 5.30/06 on an SLF 5.4



Hi Kanika,

Sorry, but there is unfortunately no GUI element supporting Latex…

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thats a pity. Are there plans to introduce LaTeX support sometime in the future? It seems quite useful…

Well, there is a huge difference between how the text/graphics is drawn in a Canvas and in the GUI elements, so there is no real plans to introduce it. But you could try to use the Symbol font (see for example [url= post[/url])

Well, but you might start to think about supporting UTF (“in a Canvas and in the GUI elements”).