I am trying to plot data from an ascii file to root. One of the columns of my file is a 64_t timestamp in ps. I need a macro that could change the timestamp into continuous time (to get rid of looping and time repition).
Any suggestions please?
Thank you

If it’s some kind of a simple 64-bit (“unsigned long long int” / “ULong64_t” ?) “timestamp in ps” then it should already be a “continuous time”, shouldn’t it.
If it’s something else, try TDatime and/or TTimeStamp and/or TTime classes.

Thank you for your reply.
What I mean is that the time column in my file as you can see in the attached image (first column) increases to a certain limit then starts again and what I am trying to do is to find some kind of macro or command that would make it increase all the way to the end of file.

Attach your data file here.

Please find attached one of the data files
Thank you
1.txt (308 KB)

Try the attached macro.
data.cxx (970 Bytes)

It worked !
Thank you soooooo much :smiley: