I have a little problem. :question:
I don’t know How I can convert an image memorized in a matrix to a TImage, so I can display it.

My Class Image:

class Image{

	Int_t SizeX;
	Int_t SizeY;
	Int_t Size;					//  SizeX * SIze Y 
	Int_t *pixel;					// it's a matrix SizeX * SizeY

In each pixel it’s memorized the Red Green Blue value.

I Saved my Image in PPM format and After I loaded it like TImage, But it’s too slow,
I hope that someone can Help me.

Thanks :smiley:

See the TImage::SetImage functions or the TASImage constructors.



I would like to ask 2 things! :slight_smile:

1.) When I compiled the Root 4.0 it didn’t give any error message but I wasn’t able to use the TImage class
because the Root didn’t find the neccessary shared object files in my /usr/local/src/root/lib directory
(and nowhere else). It happened,although I configured Root 4.0 such that : ./configure --enable-asimage so I switched on the flag.So it didn’t compiled them I think.Then I copied the necessary .so files from another SuSe Linux (I use RedHat) to my computer and so now it works.:slight_smile:

2.) Are there any kind of functions that can convert a .Tiff file to a - let’s say - histogram (TH2x) somehting? I work with x-ray images and I have to manipulate the single pixels of Tiff images and hence that would be usefull.But I didn’t find any such function.However, there exists the tiffio library to manipulate them…

Thank you in advance,

                                                  Balint :stuck_out_tongue: