THttpServer without items from gROOT, only explicitly registered

I’d like to know, whether or not it is foreseen to easily suppress all items automatically added to the THttpServer (i.e. all present and newly created histograms).

In my case I’d like to have only those items available on the server which I explicitly add via the Register() method. Since I produce a lot of intermediate histograms which have no value to be inspected via the user interface, those generate a lot of noise in the tree view and are not helpful, rather confusing.



Just call:


To use this in compiled code,

#include "TRootSniffer.h"

Sorry, this is not very well documented feature.


Oh, forgot to mention that I’ve tried that as well. This gets rid of everything.

And, I’ve made the mistake that I’ve tried registering the histogram before the server was started. Figured out the correct order now and it is working as advertised. Thanks for the quick reply!

The documentation (especially on the class reference page) could be improved. Options like the one shown above are well hidden.

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