THttpServer with FastCGI

Dear all,

I’d like to use THttpServer with FastCGI.

After source build with cmake option of ‘-Dfcgi=ON’, I executed a HTTP server example (’$ROOTSYS/tutorials/http/httpserver.C’).

In the case of the original, some ROOT objects can be seen in a web browser whose URL is ‘http://localhost:8080’.

Next, I changed the declaration of THttpServer from “http:8080” to “fastcgi:9000”. Although the program worked, I was not sure about the URL to display.

Would you tell me about the correct URL?

For your reference, I attached the changed example.
httpserver.C (3.0 KB)

Best regards,

ROOT Version: 6.24/06
Platform: CentOS Stream release 8
Compiler: GCC 8.5.0

Hi Hide,

Please check http server docu.

It includes examples how Apache2 can be configured to be used with FastCGI.