THttpServer class in SL7

Hi everybody,

I need the THttpServer class in my ROOTv6.06.06 manually builded on Scientific Linux 7. As I can read in the Building Options chapter in the Building ROOT Guide ( the “http” option may be set to OFF by default in the CMakeCache.txt file for this OS. I understand that this behavior can be modified passing the command “-D :=” to the ccmake utility, but I can’t figure out how to do it. What is ? Can anyone explain me the complete procedure to include the THttpServer class in the building list? I’m a little bit confused.

Thanks in advice,


UPDATE: I typed “ccmake path/to/source” and noticed that the http option was already set to ON, but I don’t understand why I can’t find the THttpServer class in the final installation, now I think I misunderstanded everything.

My mistake, after setting the option to ON and running the build the compiler compiled also the additional needed libraries. However it began to compile again all ROOT despite the fact all the libraries were present since the first build, how can I do to compile only the new requested features?

The simple “make” command it’s enough, I was invoking “make --build”, that’s why it compiled everything again.