THttpServer and auto-update?

Dear ROOT developers,

I’m running the example from ROOT tutorial using ROOT 6.32.00.
A relevant part of my .rootrc file is shown below.

Browser.Name : ROOT::RWebBrowserImp
WebGui.HttpPortMin: 8080
WebGui.HttpPortMax: 9800
WebGui.HttpLoopback: yes

a couple of questions:

Q1: the .rootrc defaults don’t seem to prevent the canvas from showing on the screen - see the attached screenshot. Is that the expected behavior?

The behavior was different a few versions ago, where with the proper settings in .rootrc one didn’t have to type ‘root -b’.

Next, I can direct the browser to http://localhost:8080/Canvases/?layout=simple&item=c1&opt=&nobrowser and get only the canvas of interest displayed on the web page.

The page is static, so to view the updated histogram, one has to refresh the page manually.
Clearly, THttpServer recognizes some URL parameters, and some of them are described at the
THttpServer doc page

However none is said about either of layout= , item= , or opt= , while these options are relevant for users. Perhaps that can be added? This also brings my second question:

Q2: is there a parameter which can be specified in the THttpServer URL to set a refresh rate?

It goes w/o saying that the user-side caching has also be disabled

– thanks, regards, Pasha

Hi Pasha,

  1. If running ROOT without -b flag canvas always will be shown - with normal or web graphics.

  2. There is monitoring URL parameter - see in jsroot tutorial.


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