THtml - ROOT automatic documentation


I can´t make documentation of my own classes with class THtml. Can anyone help me? For example, the commands THtml html; html.SetSourceDir(“mydir”); appear not to work. After typing them, a call to “gEnv->Print()” shows “WinNT.*.Root.Html.SourceDir: ;src;include”, i.e., I can´t change the source directory to my classes. When I try "html.MakeClass(“MyClass”), ROOT says “Unknown class ‘MyClass’”.
Other problem is that ROOT appears not to read my own .rootrc files, but only the standard system.rootrc, so I can´t change the source directory environment variable with it.
If anyone can help me using THtml, I would be very proud!

Hi Tiago,

One is a TEnv entry, the other sets something in THtml. Setting THtml::SetSourceDir does not influence TEnv’s settings. So you did the right thing, and THtml should find your sources.

This means you did not load the library containing the dictionary for your class. See the root user manual chapter on loading classes / dictionary etc.

What system are you running root on? What root version do you use?