THtml documentation

I am having a lot of trouble with index function of the documentation generation class THtml.

I can make the documentation for my own classes with the MakeClass call. However making an index of the classes using:


Generates an index of ALL the classes root is aware of, which is huge, and for most of these classes I didn’t create documentation (since it is already
at So the index is not very useful.

The documentation for THtml is not much help, and the “User Guide” seems a little outdated, nor does it seems to help. Can someone please point out how I can make an index of only my own classes?


originally, in your case the index would only contain the non-ROOT classes. I got the request to include all classes to give a better overview. So I suppose this should be optional…

I’ll implement it, but it won’t make it into the coming release. I will also review the users guide. Thanks for your comments! I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Cheers, Axel.