THTML documentation with root 4-04-02

Dear rooters!
In the past year, I enjoyed very much the automatic doc generation feature of THTML. I have a complete documenation available on our webserver, but now I’ve installed ROOT 4-04-02 and the documentation is produced without the class description. It’s very strange because the same source code produces perfect html files if I use a previous version of root.

Can anybody help me?

BTW you may have a look to our doc at … Index.html

Thank you very much,


Could you explain what is the problem?


Thanks Rene, the problem is that using v4-04-02, the THML failed to recognize the class description, while it was perfectly working in the previous version (4-01-02). Sorry if I was unclear…

thanks again


dear Rene,
you are probably having the same problem I have. Try to have a look at your page Also there the class description is missing even if it’s present in the source code…
thanks again


You must have something wrong with your browser.
I do not see anything wrong with


I crosschecked with 3 different browsers: Mozilla (under linux), MS Explorer and Firefox (under Windows) and the looks the same. The section concerning the Class Description is missing! According to the source code there should be something starting with:

// The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a simple data format used to
// create hypertext documents that are portable from one platform to another.
// HTML documents are SGML documents with generic semantics that are
// appropriate for representing information from a wide range of domains.
// …

Sorry if I insist but I’m getting crazy…



Hi, let me suggest something:
try to begin your class descriptions by:


I believe this is the “delimiter string” referenced in I have no problem generating class descriptions beginning with this string.

From your examples, it also seems this is what makes … /TH1I.html works correctly.

you are right! Adding the delimeter, it works…, but with the previous version of root, it worked also without…

ok. thanks a lot. Now, there is only to fix the root doc available on the web!



Hi Antonio,
the two problems are unrelated.

THtml points to the official ROOT documentation if it doesn’t find the sources for a file. Simply gSystem->cd("$(ROOTSYS)") before running THtml::MakeAll.

The missing class documentation was a bug; the fix should appear in CVS soon. THtml is supposed to find doc starting with “//////” and “//____” (or whatever the env var Root.Html.Description is). It only found the latter.