THtml and running the htmlex.C example

It’s probably been awhile since someone ran this. There is some unusual behavior when running it.

First, I believe that the SetSourceDir directive is no longer supported and has been replaced by SetInputDir.

Beyond that I have some questions.

Is there a way to suppress all the warnings from CreateListOfClasses?

The code does not produce THtmlDemo.html or THtmlDemo_Tree.pdf unless the execution is done as specified. eg:

.x htmlex.C+

Leaving the C+ off does not generate the class information. Why is that??



THtml can only produce documentation for ‘compiled’ classes, hence to document itself htmlex.C need to be compiled.



the “+” is actually even documented in the tutorial. The bug with the missing SetSourceDir() is fixed and THtml became much more silent, both happened after v5.22. You can disable all warnings using gErrorIgnoreLevel = kError.

Cheers, Axel.