THtml and namespace trouble


I am running on a Mandriva 2006 64 bits linux box (gcc 4.0.1, kernel 2.6) with Intel Xeon processor. ROOT version is 5.15/04.

I cannot (or don’t know how to ) generate HTML documentation for a class in a namespace.

Assuming I have the following class BestInTown

In the header file I have

[i]class BestInTown: public TObject
BestInTown() ;
~BestInTown() ;

void  setValue(Int_t value);

Int_t best_ ; // really, no kidding

ClassDef(BestInTown, 1);


and the implementation file


BestInTown::BestInTown() : TObject(), best_(0)


// nothing to do

BestInTown::setValue(Int_t value)
// plain affectation
// no value check
best_ = value;
with the LinkDef.h

[i]#ifdef CINT
#pragma link off all globals;
#pragma link off all classes;
#pragma link off all function;

#pragma link C++ class BestInTown+ ;


Following the THtml online documentation, I am able to generate the class documentation and everything is fine: attributes and class methods are documented nicely.
Now, since I know some other people claim to have designed their own BestInTown class, I put mine in a namespace BestLab (they wouldn’t dare to do the same)

and essentially

  1. I just surround my class declaration with a namespace BestLab { // class declaration goes here}. No change to ClassDef since it is inside the namespace
  2. in my implementation file I change the ClassImp with ClassImp(BestLab::BestInTown) and surround the set of methods with namespace BestLab { // all methods go here}
  3. in my LinkDef. h file I just add the line
    #pragma link C++ namespace BestLab+;
    and change the line for the class
    #pragma link C++ class BestLab::BestInTown+ ;

If I do that, everything compile nicely, cint understand the class and namespace (nice!) but the documentation is completely wrong (no method comments, no public inheritance, no attribute comments).
What I am doing wrong? Or may be the THtml doesn’t yet handle namespaces?

Thank for your help.


I cannot reproduce this; classes inside namespaces work for me. Could you send me your actual code? You can email me at if you want.


Hi Axel

Sorry to have bothered you with that. The problem was in my Makefile. I fixed it and it works fine now.

Thanks for your help