THStack axis labels overlap

I am running the latest version of root (5.27/06) on Ubuntu. I wanted to draw a THStack in my program but the axis had two labels- one on top of the other. This happened even when I tried to run the sample program in the tutorial hstack.C. I have attached a screen shot of the output of the root sample tutorial. Can someone tell me a way out ?
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I cannot reproduce this problem on Ubuntu.
Could you clarify if you installed the system yourself from source and if yes the installation options,
eg the files config.log and config.statius?


Yes I did install from source. I am attaching the config.log and config.status files.

Sorry, the files were not attached in the last post due to their extensions. please find them here.
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status.txt (46 Bytes)
log.txt (289 KB)


Do you still have the problem with v5.28?