The status of Carrot

A couple of people have posted questions on the Carrot forum, but got not response (an worrying sign). Is Carrot dead?


despite of many requests there is no “official” support for Carrot
development neither at IHEP (where I’m working at the moment) nor at CERN.
As many of us, at the moment, I’m very busy with writing reconstruction
software and with data analysis of our last run.
Unfortunately I have very little time for any kind other developments and
can do it only at my free time.

The possible solutions would be:

  • providing “official” support for the Carrot development on institution or
    experiment level. It could be (somehow) connected with GRID, PROOF
    for which Carrot would be a perfect frontend.
  • another one might be “a brute force” - “remove me” for some period
    from my “IHEP enviroment”. During this period I would concentrate myself
    only on the Carrot development.

Of cause, any other help and volunteers are “extremely” welcome!

Thanks. Regards. Valeriy