The simulation program is killed

Dear Experts,
The simulation program is killed.
I used AvalancheMicroscopic to simulate electron multiplication, AvalancheMC to simulate ion drift, and get inductive signals.
When I simulate a track, I get a signal. But as I simulated several tracks, the program slowed down and slowed down until it was killed.
Is this because the simulated data has been accumulating, causing the program to be killed? After simulating the signal of one track each time, can the drift line data of this track be deleted, and then start the simulation of the next track?
Another question:At the initial moment of the induction signal (i.e. the moment when the track was just incident), why did the signal amplitude jump directly to 10mV?

Thank you.

Did you maybe activate plotting of the drift lines in your program? If you did, the drift line data are indeed accumulated.

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