The results of the two examples are different

Hello, I ran two examples of GEM and COMSOL today. But in both cases, the electron and ion trajectory maps are not the same.

On the left is the trajectory graph of the GEM example, and on the right is the trajectory graph of COMSOL, and apparently the COMSOL results do not include the structure of the detector.

I looked at the code for the two examples and found that only the files read were different, the GEM read the ANSYS files and the COMSOL read the COMSOL files. The rest of the code is the same for both examples.

Iā€™m not sure why?

Indeed, the field map in the Comsol example only includes the mesh elements in the gas but not the ones in the dielectric (which are useful for visualisation purposes but are not necessary for the simulation).

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alright, thank you very much.

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