The questions about the EXYZ.txt and Alpha_in_Ar.txt

As I know, the EXTZ.txt file is to simulate trajectories of alpha particles in silicon , and the Alpha_in_Ar.txt is to simulate trajectories of alpha particles in argon. The example shows that if we want to calculate the energy loss and range of ions or the ion transport in matter, we should read the file “EXYZ.txt and Alpha_in_Ar.txt”.
But if I want to simulate a different situation, the projectile is proton and not in silicon and argon, what should I do? Should I generate a new output file?

Yes, if you want simulate a different projectile or target you need to run TRIM/SRIM and generate the relevant file.

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Thank you for your reply
I have install the SRIM and get the SRIM table ,and when I want to click the trim calculation ,it blinks and shows like this…

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