The problem in generating the gas file

I want to generate a nitrogen gas file, but when it comes to the writegasfile step , the results notice that “Cannot open file N2-740Torr.gas.”

MediumMagboltz::RunMagboltz: Results:
    Drift velocity along E:     0.00224173 cm/ns +/-  0.09%
    Drift velocity along Bt:    0.00000000 cm/ns +/-  0.00%
    Drift velocity along ExB:   0.00000000 cm/ns +/-  0.00%
    Lorentz angle:                   0.000 degree
    Longitudinal diffusion:     0.01791853 cm1/2 +/-  2.01%
    Transverse diffusion:       0.02597449 cm1/2 +/-  1.44%
    Townsend coefficient:           0.0000 cm-1  +/-  0.00%
    Attachment coefficient:         0.0000 cm-1  +/-  0.00%
**    Cannot open file N2-740Torr.gas.**

Is it possible that you don’t have write privileges in the folder where you execute the program?

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