Thank you for fixing PyROOT compatibility!

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ROOT Version: v6.22.00
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04
Compiler: gcc (Ubuntu 9.3.0-10ubuntu2) 9.3.0, Python 3.8.2, Python 2.7.18

I am posting this just to express my gratitude to the ROOT team for improving the building of PyROOT.

I was able to effortlessly compile ROOT v6.22.00 on Ubuntu 20.04 WITH SUPPORT FOR BOTH PYTHON2 AND PYTHON3!!

No more juggling between ROOT versions tailored for Python 2 or Python 3. As I side note, I had to install the following packages to make it work:

sudo apt install python2 python3 python2-dev python3-dev python2-numpy python3-numpy

I did not even have to specify the Python2_EXECUTABLE and Python3_EXECUTABLE options … wonderful!
Thank you again

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Thank you for your message, we are very happy you found this new feature useful!

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