TH3D draw option

I want to make a bar graph like a one-dimensional histogram with a three-dimensional histogram using TH3D. In TH1D, the Draw option was rod-shaped with " ", but in TH3D, it was not. I looked up the Draw optoion of TH3D and made it “plc”, but it was only a dotted graph.

You cannot have similar bars with a TH3. A TH3 has 4 “variables”: x, y, z coordinates for each bin and the bin content; the closest to bars would be “floating” boxes (with size proportional to the bin content and confined to the x,y and z bin edges), see the documentation examples. Maybe you want a TH2D with a Lego draw option (see 2D examples on the page I linked)?

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Done! Thank you very much.

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