TH2Poly support in rdataframe::Histo2D

Dear experts,
It seems that currently rdataframe::Histo2D only supports TH2D. If this is true, do you plan to add support for TH2Poly? Thanks.

there are currently no add a specific method for TH2Poly, but at least in C++ you can fill a TH2Poly with RDataFrame using the generic Fill action:

auto h2poly = df.Fill<float, float>(TH2Poly(/*constructor arguments*/), {"x", "y"});

where h2poly is the usual RDF smart pointer to a result, that you can use as if it was a pointer to h2poly, but it actually only fills the underlying object upon first access.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the quick reply and nice suggestion. I will try it. Is it possible to also apply a weight for each entry?

Yes, RDataFrame will just call yourobject.Fill(branch1, branch2, ....) using the types and the names of the branches that you provide.

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