TH2F -- get less points (maybe fitted) instead of 2D scattered plot to see the correlation between X and Y better and fit this correlation later

Hi there!

Let’s suppose I have 2D plot with scattered points and there is clear correlation between X and Y. Different range of X is filled from different data. To see the correlation clearer I can fit X and Y separately for every data, obtain mean values and plot a graph with several dots only, which is not enough. Scattered plot with lots of entries is not a good option. Therefore one way of getting more points is obtaining not only mean value from one data, but several values extracted by fixed step from that data. Is there any way at root to get Y value at a given X for a TH2F? Or do you have better ideas about what kind of ROOT tools is more convenient in this situation? Any help is appreciated!

Maybe: TH2::ProfileX and / or TH2::ProfileY

Thanks, Wile! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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