TH2F for 3 variables? Any advise?

Hello everybody, I’m getting a little bit confuse trying to use “profcontz” and I haven’t found much info about it.

So I have three variables A, B and C and for each (A,B) I get a single C , and I wanted to create a TH2 plotting A, B as X,Y axis and C as color. What I found is that using profcontz I get what I want:


My question is how should I fill the TH2 to get the C variable as the color in my histo? because I can only do:

MyTH2F -> Fill(A,B);

and I don’t know how to include C. (I want to fill it and draw it this way so I can change the palette, set axis titles, draw some text, etc)

You can have MyTH2F->Fill(A,B,C); where “C” is the event “weight”.

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