TH2D disappearing with LogZ

Dear rooters,

I want to plot two TH2D on the same canvas. One is a placeholder to show accessible values and has only bins with a single count inside. The other has values varying on many orders of magnitude around the values used in the placeholder. I can plot them together on a linear Z scale, but as soon as I set the Z axis to Log scale, the place holder disappears.
Is there a way around this ?

Use a “THStack” and then draw it using the “NOSTACK” option.


I can indeed plot both my histograms with logz. However I need the COLZ option to display the histograms with the values and this option is also set for the placeholder. I tried SetFillColor() on the place holder after the Draw() but this has no effect.
Is there a way to use different display options for the histograms in the THStack ?

You can specify a “drawing option” for each histogram separately when you THStack::Add it.