TH2, col above lego

Hi there,

Trying to create an equivalent of surf3 for lego, I ended up with this

canvas.pdf (322 KB)thanks to posts TPolyLine3D and filled area

The code’s attached below.

Could you please implement this new draw option (pad6 as lego5? pad16 as lego6? or just lego5 but with a new hoption not to draw empty bins if desired*) properly (i.e. with proper Draw and Paint methods in order the top plane be linked to the lego plot (rotation, zoom, …))?


  • Note surf3 does not respect the palette colors (zero should be white)
    ztest.cpp (7.57 KB)

So it looks like your macro does what you need ?
It looks like there is no need for a new option … ?

[quote]So it looks like you macro does what you need ?[/quote]Nope, interaction with the whole object (rotation, zoom, …) does not work.

[quote]It looks like there is no need for a new option … ?[/quote]I don’t agree. According to me surf3 should have an equivalent in the lego world and it should be a standard feature of ROOT, not something one has to knock up on his side.