TH1F is different than TH2F with HandleInput() in VC++

[size=100]Hi Rooters,
With Root 10 the following works well for selected TH2F histograms but not so well with TH1F. For TH2 a left click shows the class type and bin info. For TH1 this is only true when clicking very close to the X axis when no data is present in the bin. When the TH1 case fails the class is TFrame instead of TH1F. All suggestions are very welcome. Snippets are attached.
Steve Alam[/size]
snips1.cpp (2.06 KB)

For a TH1 you must click the histogram contour


Thanks for clarifying that - I need to click (or click and drag) on the pad of a 1D histogram (in a divided canvas) to set up TCutG low and high limits. After a cut is specified I need X axis bin info from a lin or log display. As always, I thank you for your time.
Steve Alam