TH1::Fit memory leaks

Hi there,

I’m experiencing memory leaks with TH1::Fit in Root_5.21.04.
Here’s the isolated glitch :

Int_t nLoops = 10 ; Int_t nBins = 250000 ; TH1F *h1 = new TH1F ("h1","h1", nBins,0,nBins) ; for (Int_t bin=1;bin<=nBins;bin++) { h1->SetBinContent(bin,10.+gRandom->Uniform()) ; } TF1 *fct = NULL ; for (Int_t i=0;i<=nLoops;i++) { fct = new TF1 ("fct","pol1",0,nBins) ; h1->Fit("fct","RQ0") ; delete fct ; fct = NULL ; }
The memory allocated to Root just gets higher and higher.
Using the “h1->GetFunction(“fct”)” trick from post does not work.
Using Root_5.20.00 (as suggested in solves the problem!
When using “gObjectTable->Print()” with 2 different values for nLoops, namely 10 and 100, the only difference lies in TBackCompFitter! (I get a factor of 10)
Any clue ?

Thanks in advance,


Thank you for reporting this. There is a bug in the destructor of the
TVirtualFitter. I will now fix in the ROOT svn.
This leak was happening only when using the linear fitter.
If you use Minuit (option “F”), the leak should not be there.

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