TH1 Chi2Test

I’m trying to get the Chi2 value for 2 histograms into a variable. According the ROOT documentation the option “Chi2” tells the function to return the Chi2 value. But when I run it, the function always returns 1.00.

Here's the code: double chi2; chi2 = h1TracksPerSectorX13->Chi2Test(h1TracksPerSectorTrigSim, "Chi2,P"); cout <<"X2=" << chi2 << endl;

Here’s the results:

[code]the value of chi2 = 0.019242

the number of degrees of freedom = 80


I want my variable to be set the value of chi2, in this case 0.019242.


The problem that you are reporting when calling TH1::Chi2Test with
the option “Chi2” has been fixed in the CVS head.