Hi, dear ROOT-people,

I have one problem and I’m interested if it’s a bug or there is a way to fix it.

I have TH1D-histogram *fHist and TText *fText object. I add TText object with fHist->GetListOfFunctions()->Add(fText). Then fHist->Draw().

Everything is good, except that TText object “doesn’t understand” range of histo when I zoom it.
For example, I have histo with x (0,10), my TText object has x=5. I zoom to range (6,10), but TText Object is still drawn on the pad left from histo. It is out of TFrame, inside which histo is drawn. And TText will disappear only when it is out of pad.

I tried this with 1- and 2-D histos, with TText and TMarker objects. By the way, when I add TGraphErrors to the histo this way, it doesnt’t have such bug!

I think, maybe there are some "Option_t"s that can solve it (in Add(TObject*, Option_t*)). That’s why I have second question:
Is there any list of acceptable options for drawing for different objects? There are some in reference guide, but not always. For example, what draw options has TText?

Thank you very much in advance!

The only primitives clipped at the frame boundary are the high level primitives like TH1, TGraph, not primitives like TLine, TText.