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How I can assign a TGVScrollBar to a TGMainFrame? I have tried to do so with TGuiBuilder, but the frame and TGVScrollBar seemed to be totally independent.

Could you please provide me with an example of using it? I have looked for it in folder tutorials, but I couldn’t find anything.

Also, I have looked for the posts with the same problem here, and I found only this:
and I wouldn’t want to use a scrolled canvas.

Here are the screen shots of the TGMainFrame:
[url]Set TGCompositeFrame to fit into TGMainFrame

Thank you!


Since the scroll bars need a view port, you have to use a TGCanvas, as described [url=

Cheers, Bertrand.

Ok I will do it. But here is what confuses me in TGuiBuilder:

If everytime I need ScrollBar, I need to use this:

Why does this button here exist?

Because you can use scroll bars for any kind of use…
Note that you can try to handle scroll bars and manage layout (+hiding/showing subframes) yourself…

Cheers, Bertrand.