TGuiBuilder -- reopening file changes variable names


Please find attached 3 files. The first file (gui1_test.C) is a simple project with two TGTextButton entries (*fTextButton560 and *fTextButton565) created using TGuiBuilder (I like it :slight_smile:. Following this, I opened the same file and saved with different name - gui2_test.C. Then I opened gui2_test.C and saved with name - gui3_test.C. In doing this, I noticed the following two issues:

[1] Every time I open & save the project, one “composite frame” is added to the project. As you can see: 1 in gui2_test.C and 2 in gui3_test.C. This changes name and pointer to TGMainFrame.

[2] The second one is more annoying. The pointer names to TGTextButton created in the first file (*fTextButton560 and *fTextButton565) keep changing every time I open and save the project. This happens not only to TGTextButton class but also for all available classes in TGuiBuilder. As I mentioned, this is annoying since I have to modify my big project as I test it. So, when I start writing GUI, I would start with some meaningful names e.g. *fTBStart, *fTBStop etc. But I cannot do this for obvious reason explained above.

Am I missing something OR this is the normal behavior of TGuiBuilder? I am using ROOT 5.28/00 on 2.6.9-89.35.1.EL Linux kernel.

Thanks and regards,

gui3_test.C (3.91 KB)
gui2_test.C (3.55 KB)
gui1_test.C (3.2 KB)

Hi Ajay,

These are unfortunately known issues with the gui builder, and we’ll try to improve it, but this will take some time, and it is not a top priority right now.
Thanks anyway for the feedback!

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi Bellenot,

I am back after 7 years!

Are the issues with the TGuiBuilder resolved in the latest version of ROOT? Please let me know.

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No, the development of the Gui builder has been frozen… (you can still try a more recent version to see if it’s better than the one you have…)

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thank you very much for your reply. I will certainly try with ROOT 6.14 and 6.15

But that is a sad news for me at least!

Well, it’s not very complicated to create a GUI application with ROOT…

No, no…not at all. I had said in the first post of this thread that I enjoyed, and like its simplicity. But the problem is with multiple “save” add frames and change names of the frames.

I was talking about developing a GUI application without the Gui builder…

I am sorry, but can you be more specific and tell me how to do that, please.

Simply write the code yourself, there are several examples in $(ROOTSYS)/tutorials/gui

Okay. Thank you for your suggestion and help.

You’re very welcome

Cheers, Bertrand.