TGuiBuilder---GUI Resize problem

Hi All,

I have developed a GUI using TGuiBuilder. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it.
I want to resize the GUI by expanding or compressing it using a mouse. When I do this,
I expect everything (all frames, buttons etc.) inside the GUI should expand or get compressed.
But, I don’t get this behavior. I am attaching the whole GUI code with this post.

Could you please help?

I really appreciate your time and efforts.

GUI_Resize.C (29.4 KB)


Well, first of all, if you want automatic layouting (shrink/expand), then [color=#FF0000]you have to enable the layout mechanism[/color] and specify which element must resize/move and how (the system cannot guess)… And you have to do it [color=#FF0000]from the beginning[/color]
I quickly modified your code (copy/paste frames within the gui builder and modified with text editor) to produce the attached macro. Please give it a try and try to see where are the major differences. I would advise to play a bit with the Gui builder to understand how layouting works (I know it is not trivial)

Cheers, Bertrand.
GUI_ResizeLayout.C (31.9 KB)