TGuiBuilder and TGTextView

Hi, I’m trying to use TGuiBuilder to make a GUI for my stand alone application. I can’t find the widget TGTextView in the ones that I can use in my designed window. So, is it a bug? How can I trick? Maybe I can use TGTextEntry or TGTextEdit and make it only readable?
Thanks for the help,

ROOT Version: 6.12.06
Platform: Ubuntu16.04
Compiler: gcc 5.4.0


Well, yes, you can use a TGTextEdit. And then, if you want, you can edit the source code and replace with a TGTextView…

Cheers, Bertrand.

Ok Thank you.
Continuing to inspecting TGuiBuilder I can see that menu for example are not implemented. So I think that this utility is under developing yet. Is it right?

No, sorry, but there is no development in the Gui builder anymore (since quite a while already)

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