[TGToolTip] label foreground color

Dear rooters,

Playing with TGTooltip, I found that TGTooltip constructor sets background color using GUI resource pool (fClient->GetResourcePool()->GetTipBgndColor()) but actually does not set foreground color to text label (GetTipFgndColor() alos exists).

That’s a pity since one can change the default YellowLight with command like gEnv->SetValue ("Gui.TooltipBackgroundColor", "black"); but gEnv->SetValue ("Gui.TooltipForegroundColor", "white"); command will not be taken into account.

Is it a feature or just an oversight ?


Hi Xavier,

You are right, this was missing… But it is now implemented in svn trunk (rev. 39332)
Thanks for reporting this oddity!

Cheers, Bertrand.